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Power Quality Analyzers & Solutions

We offer a wide range of Power Quality Analyzers, Power Quality solutions and services for the industry.
Power Quality Audit

Power Quality Audit

Rs 25,000  / Per DayGet Best Price
Type of EnergyElectrical
Reason for AuditMaintenance Audit
Audit FrequencyOn Demand
Service ModeOffline
With our long experience with Energy Management, we came across customers who struggled with Power Quality issues. Identifying the issues helps users address reliability and stability concerns before they actually impact on your facilities performance and more important on bottom line of organization.

Our PQA service is backed up by range of accurate devices that we deal with and expertise gained from our EMS portfolio. The PQA report from us can also help highlight frequencies contributing to mains corruption. This can also help select right set of Active Harmonics Filters which we offer.

If you need a quick discussion in this regard, give us a call or write us.

Pre-requisites (What we should know before quoting for service)

  1. SLD of the plant proposed to be audited
  2. Is harmonics study required?
  3. Visit by our Engineer helps in understanding exact scope of work.

Typical cost parameters

Cost per day: Rs. 25000 plus GST. If we can make preliminary visit to understand scope of work, we can provide most efficient estimate. HSN/SAC Code: 998331. GST: 18%



  1. Detailed report of analysis of Flicker, Transients frequency & voltage variations (sag & swell)
  2. Transient behaviour of mapped points is identified.
  3. Exact areas of power loss are identified.
  4. If harmonics study is included in the scope of work, harmonics analysis of target non-linear loads is provided.
  5. Value added services: Comparison of energy consumption of specified metering points, Development of preventive & predictive maintenance schedules, Assess sensitivity of specific equipment to disturbances.


Typical Service Delivery Timescale

The duration of each audit depends on number of power points identified for the audit. We simplify costs as number of points rises. Certain studies requires us to put our analysis setup running overnight.

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  • Power Quality Audit Kit
  • Power Quality Audit Kit
Power Quality Audit Kit

Power Quality Audit Kit

Rs 75,000  / SetGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Type Of Data LoggerDigital Data Logger
Type Of EnergyElectrical
Reason For AuditMaintenance Audit
Audit TypeElectrical Audit
Mode Of ReportSoft Copy
At Genuine Automation, we have expertise in Energy Management System and Power Quality Solutions. One problem many plants face is to audit specific feeder points with flexibility and assurance of measurement accuracy. 

We have designed a Portable Power Quality Audit kit which can be taken at different feeder points in a plant. The kit comes with a high accuracy Power Quality Meter and a set of three clamp type Current Transformers. User has to connect three phase voltage and clamp the CT on appropriate feeder lines. 

The high accuracy meter will log the data in the built in memory which can be pulled usiing our Data Management software on a PC to see results.

In yet another variant of the kit, we provide results in the cloud which can be downloaded using secure credentials. Using this ket thus, user can audit multiple feeder locations using the same kit. 

The kit is very useful for businesses who do not want to invest in a fixed Energy Management Installation due to scale and budgets. 

We also rent these kits for conducting Energy Audits and provide results. Our experts can help with data analysis to provide insights for future savings.

If you would like to buy or rent the kit, drop us a message to request call back.

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  • Active Harmonic Filter
  • Active Harmonic Filter
Active Harmonic Filter

Active Harmonic Filter

Rs 3.4 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price

Product Brochure

BrandAtandra Krykard
Humidity0-95% max, non condensing
Ambient Temperature0-40deg C
Storage Temperature-20 to 70deg C
By installing TruSine AHF you can:
  • Avoid penalties from EB
  • Avoid machinery failures
  • Minimise tripping of switchgear
  • Increase Transformer & DG utilisation factors
  • Reduce Cable losses and failures
  • Avoid Capacitor Bank failures
  • Improve PF thereby reducing Demand

Advantages of KRYKARD TruSine AHF:
  • Digital Fast Fourier Transform based harmonic compensation helps significantly reduce harmonics of the 3rd to 51st order
  • Option to mitigate selective harmonics
  • Automatic PF improvement up to the unutilized capacity of filter
  • Ability to connect up to 40 units in parallel; Master-Slave combination or Peer combination
  • Harmonic attenuation up to 97% at rated current and prevents possible harmonic resonance
  • Voltage independent harmonic current tracking for more immunity to input voltage distortion
  • Inherent current limiting will prevent overload condition
  • Option of 3ph 3 wire / 3ph 4 wire; Option of 690V

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Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformers

Rs 10,000  / PieceGet Best Price

Product Brochure

Winding MaterialCopper Wire / Strip or Aluminium wire / strip
BrandAtandra Krykard
Rating3kVA to 1000kVA
Default Vector GroupDyn11
Type of LaminationCRNO
Load RegulationBetter than 3%
Class of insulationClass H
HousingSheet metal housing provided with Input / Output terminations
IndicationsHRC fuse at input provided as a standard / MCB / MCCB can be provided as an option
Transformers are critical equipment in the power supply chain of every industry and work 24/7 in most cases. The quality and efficiency of transformers therefore are very critical and make a significant difference to the industry both in terms of uptime and energy costs. Considering the importance of this, we are offering innovatively designed efficient transformers that help industries through superior performance and lower energy losses.

Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

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